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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Details on One Laptop Per Child

Ethan Zuckerman posts some details on the laptop:

  • The screen is hinged to be used as an ebook or turned around. Amazing that this is strong enough for kids
  • NIMH batteries were used because they accept a wide range of voltages
  • The bunny ears are the WIFI antenna and fold down to shield the ports.
  • Will be sold in lots of a million to governments.
  • The WIFI chip can forward packets in a mesh network with the CPU turned off, using only .5 watts of power.
  • EBook mode: screen is in black and white, CPU is off.
  • Has 512MB of flash and 128MB RAM. Code is compressed; jffs2 filesystem spreads swap around the disk.
  • Alan Key is liking Javascript and Python: LogoWiki supports programmable wiki pages (spiral)
  • Comes with mic jack and recording software.
  • Subversive - chat app, wiki, collaborative content. Kids will learn better than teachers..it's theirs to bring home and learn.


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