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Monday, May 29, 2006

8 Dollar Steak Dinner for Two

I'm finally making good on my promise to do more cooking. Part of this involves signing up the the Cooks Illustrated site, and having an EVDO connection to surf with the laptop.

 Following the recipe from Cooks Illustrated - Great Cheap Steaks-Sept/2005, we got a pound of Top Sirloin steak, $5.95 a pound, and a couple pounds of Yukon Gold potatos for Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes.

 The potatoes were fluffy and sweet, and the steak tasty and tender. We also whipped up a pan sauce with green onions, port and mustard. Three tablespoons of Grey Poupon was far too vinegary. I assume mustard is used for the sauce because it's a good emulsifier...next time we should use a sweeter brown mustard.

 This is an great value, and ready in a half hour- with leftover potatoes to nosh on for the rest of the week.  This is a recipe to learn and get good at.


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